Al Sol

Biography for Al Sol, Honorary Classmate, WRHS Class of 1965

Al Sol may have been conceived and born in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. No one knows for sure.

His date of birth is uncertain, but his presence was first noted during the senior year of Wheat Ridge High School's Class of 1965. Official school records do not list him as a student at Wheat Ridge High School during the years 1962 through 1965. He may have lived and attended school under a pseudonym. When recently asked about Al Sol, Jefferson County school officials were variously confused, irritated, or ominously terse in their "no comment" statements.

Whatever his ancestry or heritage, Al Sol played a large part in extracurricular life during the 1964-1965 school year at Wheat Ridge High. He literally lent his name to a project that drew participation from every class and group at the school: the KIMN AM 950 Top School Contest. The winning high school was determined by the number of signed slips of paper produced by students at that school.

Students abandoned home and hearth and homework, attending Top School Parties - on weekdays, no less. The time and energy expended at these parties was, in a word, AWESOME. Al Sol's name appeared on over two million slips of paper delivered to KIMN radio by WRHS Farmers. Inspired by Al Sol, The Farmer Forgers won hands down!

The prize was a dance for WRHS students at the Hilton Hotel in Denver, where two popular rock bands - The Moonrakers and The Astronauts - entertained the finger-weary Farmer Forgers. Sadly, Al Sol was nowhere to be seen during that evening. Nor was he ever seen anywhere close to Wheat Ridge High.

Since 1965, Al Sol's path through life has been murky. His skills as a scribe apparently led him into a career as a ghost writer, but this is only one of many speculations about his life during the past four decades.

Another rumor heard in Maine had Al Sol entering the Federal Witness Protection Program after the FBI broke up a massive east coast forgery ring. When grilled by FBI about his earlier forgery exploits at Wheat Ridge High, Al ratted out over 1500 accomplices, including more than 500 from the Class of 1965 (any and all accomplices can relax, since the statute of limitations ran out years ago). Again, this is all mere speculation.

We were unable to locate Al Sol for our 40th reunion, so we don't know if he extends his best wishes. All of us hope that he does.






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August 13, 2017