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No, it is not:  Jim Spray, Ken Boedecker, Fred Littlepage, Steve Gowdy or Milt Pressler AND it is definitely not Holly Owens.

The "Bad Boy" is Jim (call me BB) Beimers.  John Chapman and Steve Wood correctly identified Jim.

Diane Harris is standing on the top of Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Congratulations to Lynn Gordon for correctly identifying her.  Visit with Diane and her sister, Sandy, at the Reunion.

Mary Anne Havens guessed it was Joanne Royce.

Susan Meadows guessed it was Carol Kurylow.

This is Linda Heuring.  She will be here for the Reunion.  Check out her Bio in the Yearbook section.

Winning Guesses from Buck Hite, Kathy Baker, Tom Byington, Susan Meadows and Bob Brown.
The "Lady in Black" is none other than Patsy Christensen.  We had lots of guesses on this one--some wrong and some correct.  Read her Bio in the Yearbook section.
This is The Honorable Mimi Grover from the neighboring state of New Mexico.  See her at the Reunion.  She was identified by these Farmers:
Lynnette Planck, Kathy Baker, Linda Heuring, susan Meadows, Fred Overholt, Paula Morris, Bob Brown, Alan Kraning and Mary Anne Havens.

Mimi, you would never make it a criminal, too many people know you.

Mary Anne Havens
This is Mary Anne in the vault of the London Hard Rock Cafe.  She is playing a guitar that was owned by Bob Dillon.  Her nephew played one owned by Jimmy Hendricks.


This picture was identified by NO ONE.

Gregg Marshall
Thanks for the big response.  Guessed correctly by a crop of Farmers.
Lynn Gordon, Bruce DeCook, Mary Anne Havens, Cherie Wheeler, Diane Dubravac, Alan Kraning, Bob Brown and of course Paula Morris (6 for 8).

Joan Meister
Guessed correctly by Lynnette Planck and Theresa McVicker.  Thanks to our two new players.  Photo taken at the latest WRHS Planning Session.  A late guess from Paula Morris too (5 for 7).

Bob Brown (Hawaii)
Thanks again to Paula Morris for her diligent detective work.  She is 4 for 6!

And a correct guess from John Chapman, minus 10% for late answer.  Hope that doesn't hurt your GPA.


Dan (Tarzan) Campbell
Alan Kraning figured out who this was by use of computer wizardry.  The webmaster has now fixed that little glitch.

Fred Wiggins with his
daughters at the beach.
Guessed correctly by Paula Morris and Susan Meadows.  Paula is 3 for 4!  Nice sleuthing Paula.

Alan Kraning
Guessed correctly by John Chapman and Helen Lang

John Chapman
 Guessed correctly by Paula Morris, Diana Neithercut and Bruce DeCook

John Lickly
Guessed correctly by Paula Morris, Diana Neithercut, Bruce DeCook Susan Meadows and Shelly Bergerhouse (who thought it might be Don Solem with a bad toupee).
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